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Professional Development |  Professional Development - Agency Management |  ABEN Masters
Brandie Hinen
1 hr
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Audience: For the Agency


This hard hitting training will offer practical real world examples of how to break through some of life's toughest challenges. Be ready for straight talk and honest answers that will leave you with some powerful techniques on overcoming tough adversity and living with abundance.

General overview of 27 business principles that enhance relationships, communication, clarity and the ability for the independent agent to excel in an ever changing market.



Some of the items included:

A.   Gain better results from staff.

B.   Identify issues and challenges in customer cycles of discontent

C.   Better management styles of being more proactive vs. reactive

D.   Creating a change initiative and winning in your organization

E.   Overcoming internal and external barriers

F.   Reconciling partner issues to resolution

G.  3 biggest mistakes leaders make 

H.  Identifying problem clients and what to do about it

I.     Creating a culture of accountability

J.    Overcoming adversity

K.  Opening possibilities for better employee engagement


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Powerhouse Learning


If you are having difficulty in getting people to move from DISCUSSION into ACTION, we are the ones to talk with! 

Powerhouse Learning is a consulting service that has been helping organizations achieve peak performance since 2003. Not the typical consulting firm, the method uses a unique combination of on-site visits, on-line tools and performance coaching to facilitate lasting behavioral change.

Clients state experiencing a sense of motivation, accountability and lasting, radical improvement.

The “wholistic” approach encompasses every aspect of business, including management, sales, and service programs. Self-administered videos train best practices for each of these groups. One-on-one coaching addresses motivational, emotional, and inter-personal issues in addition to proven best practices. Implementation is expedited with the extensive library of templates and proven programs.

Powerhouse Learning helps companies grow their people through help with:

 - Leadership training

 - Productivity

 - New Business Development

When working with clients, they find out what really needs fixing. It might be for leadership development, communication between management and employees, improving sales performance or overall company productivity. If there’s a problem - they’ll help discover and solve it.



Brandie is a facilitator for strategic conversations. Her presentations are rich in practical take-away recommendations motivating her audience to higher levels of performance. Every engagement is delivered with passion, spiced with real life stories. 

Brandie is exceptionally insightful, quickly isolating root causes that are inhibiting peak performance. Her diagnostic analysis and feedback is always direct, honest, and no holds barred.

Brandie spent early years in the South (Oklahoma and Texas) before traveling all over the United States, Canada, and internationally, living in the Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Rio de Janeiro and Belem du Para, Brazil and Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa.


High school was a tough culture shock, moving to a small town in Southern Idaho of 1,500 people where she spent time on a cattle ranch, training horses and participating in High School Rodeo. (This was all after living in some of the biggest and most diverse places in the world.)

Brandie currently lives in Southern Idaho and is multi-lingual, speaking Portuguese, Spanish, and basic French.



Thu, May 23, 2019 - 01:00p to 01:57p EDT
Thu, Jun 27, 2019 - 01:00p to 01:57p EDT
Fri, Jul 26, 2019 - 01:00p to 01:57p EDT
Thu, Aug 29, 2019 - 01:00p to 01:57p EDT
Thu, Sep 26, 2019 - 01:00p to 01:57p EDT

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NJ - This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course# 88898163

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